Sunday, March 22, 2020


👉 Aaje duniya ma Corona virus maja muki se ,din prtai din Corona virus na dardi vadhta jay che.
Bharat ma pan Corona virus na dardi roj vadhata jay se jene control karvo jaruri se .
👉Bharat jeva des ma jo Corona virus ni kaher vashSe to control karvo aghro thse.
👉 CORONA virus ne control karva mate j aapna manniy vadapradhan sree narendra modi ye date :- 22-3-2020 na roj bharat band nu aelan karyu hatu .
Bharat ma Corona virus ne control karva mate fist step jaruri che aavse to rakhvani jaruri se.
,👉 CORONA virus vise pahela pan bharat ni juni kitab ma lkhayel che.
👉👉कोरोना वायरस कोई  नई वायरस नहीं है।इसके बारे में तो  Lucents किताब में भी पहले ही दिया हुआ है। विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी चैप्टर में page no 472 देख लीजिए।  सोर्स का जो वैक्सीन होगा वहीं वैक्सीन काम करेगा इसको ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर कीजिए
👉 Pan bharat des ma Corona virus ne control karva mate ghani savseti rakhva mate nise mujab ma pagal leva jaruri che.
Fist step jaruri che . CORONA virus ne control karva mate.
👉👉😠😠 Symptoms of Corona Virus

 The earliest symptoms of the carotid virus are extremely common.  But even though this virus can be fatal, it is difficult to breathe if we look at its important symptoms.  Sore throat, cold, cough fever.  Fever takes the form of rising pneumonia.  All the kidney problems are aggravated.  The condition of the patient becomes more serious after the lungs are transmitted.  This is revealed in the genetic coatings analysis of the new virus.  Corona virus and SARS virus have been compared to other viruses transmitting infections.👈👈
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